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The Aviation Production Support Story

Aviation Production Support started up in 2008, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. Established by a management team with well over 30 years of experience and expertise in aviation, trade, recruitment and management, Aviation Production Support was founded with a vision to provide authentic, honest and professional recruitment services.

From modest beginnings, the company moved from — in a relentless pursuit to work as partners with each client’s unique climate and staffing needs to find the perfect fit for their career opportunities. Through an amplified understanding of each individual clients chic expectations, Aviation Production Support supplies personnel based on quality, ambition and character.

Our focus is on administrating the best service possible. For employers, the best candidates on the market to quickly and efficiently solve their recruitment needs. For job seekers, finding them a career move where they will be happy with their role, company, location, future opportunities and remuneration.

Due to our accelerated expansion and success, Aviation Production Support continues to amplify and widen our services in recruitment and staffing in countless trades and industries around the world.


Our Mission Statement / Philosophy

Skill, knowledge and experience is our promise!!!

Work is an essential necessity for our survival, but it can also be an experience that is fulfilling and meaningful. Our jobs also define us as individuals and impact every aspect of our lives.

For the majority of us, the tasks required to find the job we want can be daunting and unattainable, and we often end up settling for a work experience that is unsuccessful for ourselves and our employers. We believe that the right recruitment process can play an essential role in attaining the jobs we really deserve and the positive impact we want to make with our employer. To make sure this happens, Aviation Production Support is committed to truly understanding the needs, values, and goals of those we serve and matching employers with employees to form successful work relation-ships that leaves both parties with fulfillment and satisfaction.

Aviation Production Support consists of honourable professionals who take pride in their work. As a company, we work together as a team to achieve professional satis-faction from maintaining a set of standards that have been defined for us since the very beginning. By maintaining these standards, we earn the trust of both the candi-dates we employ and the organizations we employ for, along with the aviation com-munity.

Our Team

Our staff is composed of both intelligent veterans as well as wise and knowledgea-ble juniors that have a passion for our industry and what we believe in. We have all been developed and trained to excel in our unique ways from the ground up and we ensure that our company’s recruiting standards and methodologies are established from the beginning of a new recruiter’s career. In addition, our team is required to abide by our company’s policies and standards that establish the approach by which we expect them to service clients and candidates. These policies and procedures address ethics, standards and norms that have been mandated in order to serve our clients at the highest level. We believe these standards are unique and superior in our industry, and are a key to the longevity of our clients and candidates.



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